1992 – 2002: Collaboration on the projects of the LAONA FOUNDATION, which were included in and funded by European Programmes, as were MEDSPA – LIFE and others. Within the framework of this collaboration, the following were carried out:

1. Audio-visual programme at the Information Centre of Kathikas (old Primary School). This programme concerns the antiquities, the monuments, the myths and the traditions, as well as the natural heritage in the areas of Akamas and Laona.

2. Akamas Historical Atlas: exhibition panels in the Information Centre of Kathikas with photographic and written documents concerning the sights of the area of Akamas and Laona.

3. Conception and elaboration of the idea of the ΚΗΠΟΜΟΥΣΕΙΟΝ/ KIPOMOUSEION (open-air garden museum planted with aromatic herbs) at Pano Akourdalia’s old school.

4. Compilation of the texts in four languages and editing of the brochure AKAMAS-LAONA. Tradition, Myths, History, Archaeology, Monuments, Nicosia 1996. (see PUBLICATIONS)

5. In 2002, within the framework of the project VALLEYS of the LAONA FOUNDATION, the Centre of Natural and Cultural Heritage supervised the research and elaboration of the plans and specifications of a small musem entitled EXHIBITION OF APOLLO MELANTHIOS, concerning the sanctuary of Apollo Melanthios at Amargeti, which is planned to be set up in this community.

Adonis and Aphrodite at Akamas,
Painting of Tiziano Vecellio, 1553-54. Madrid, El Prado

Landscape at akamas

Pano Akourdalia, church of
Panagia Chryseleousa




1999 – 2001: Participation in the RAPHAEL and CULTURE 2000 PROGRAMMES with collaboration on projects concerning the theory, the ethics, the deontology, and the practice of the conservation of icons. The main project was MANUMED. Within this framework two conferences were held by the participating countries, one in Valamo (Finland) in June 2000 and two in Beirut in February and May 2001.

2002: Participation in the IKONOS Programme of the Institute of Restoration, University of Malta